Zurab Bero was raised in Tbilisi, Zurab_Bero_Artist_2016Georgia. Since 2002, he resides in Berlin, Germany. His passion for art began at the age of six, from the first time he visited the School of Fine Arts. Since then, he has always remained interested and immersed within the art industry. 

After finishing secondary school, he was accepted into the Tbilisi Academy of Arts, specialising in Sculpture. During that time, Georgia was suffering from social and economic problems. With such conditions, the University didn’t have many study materials or resources. The students were forced to study and create their artworks without heating even in the cold winter. Day by day, Zurab was convincing himself that art was the only sense of his life.

However, besides the courses’ resource problem, there was also a huge lack of contextual teaching about modern art, progress and possible opportunities. Accordingly, Zurab decided to continue his study abroad. Berlin was already a well-known cultural centre of Europe, with emerging trends, and so he chose this city. 

To be admitted at UdK-Berlin – Berlin University of the Arts (Universität der Künste Berlin) is a dream for many artists. With his Georgian academic background, his visions and several month of hard work on the portfolio he was admitted for the main course at UdK (2006) in the class of Prof. David Evison.

Since his studies began, he has graduated with UdK Bachelor of Fine Arts, Master of Fine Arts and Postgraduate Master of Arts Degrees. UDK gave him a very good platform to experiment and to try different mediums. All of his artworks were created within the University studios. UdK played a significant role to the development of his art, giving him opportunities for sharing his work to wide audiences. During his studies, he worked as a tutor for the UdK, as an assistant in artist’s studio and on workshops. All these roles were happening simultaneously to his many exhibitions.

Though Zurab is primarily a sculptor, he studied and is proficient in many other mediums and now identifies himself as a Multi-Media Concept Artist. This means beside sculptures he works on Video, Audio Installations, etc. and each piece of his artwork has either its own idea, or is part of an art series that has a broader concept. 

The creation process can be very long; at first comes the idea, then the concept starts to develop, during which he is experimenting with different mediums and processes. Only after all the processes and experimentation, might the artwork be ready for presentation. Zurab says that the idea dictates the medium, but that takes too much time. Sometimes, during the working process, new ideas appear and the same circle starts again. The most prominent characteristic within his works, is the quality. Zurab never is satisfied until he feels every little detail is perfect. 

Zurab gets his inspiration from many different places including: literature, philosophy, people, movies, and daily life. Currently Zurab is working on concepts which he found during writing his Master Thesis – “Film Censorship in Georgia: the Impact on artistic practice”. 

For him this blog is a way to tell his stories and news, while each piece of art or each exhibition are an important part of his artistic life. 

(C) Rusa Kavtaradze

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