“Evolution” on the 1st Solo Show

Solo Show dedicated to the Film Premiere

For December, 2008 was planed the film premiere of “Charles Darwin – The Devil’s Chaplain?” (Orig. “Charles Darwin: Kaplan des Teufels?”) by documentarist Eike Schmitz, in the former Danish Embassy, Berlin. The director has organized the whole event himself, which was broadcast live. He wished one young artist to expose artwork thematically related to Darwin.

Schmitz has got in touch with Zurab Bero via their mutual friend photographer Christa Frieda Vogel. As they both had already seen his art before, they asked him if he could create thematically associated work. According to the director’s plan the show should be held before the film premiere.

This event might be considered as his 1st solo exhibition, Zurab_Bero_Evolutionwhere Zurab presented artwork “Evolution”. Although it was an installation, with accompaniment of invited Opera singers they have got performance.

The mentioned artwork visually looked as follows: in the bathroom the turtle was forwarded to the bath. In the darkness the projected lights were reflecting on the partially filled water in the bath. The sound of water drops and low voice music designed mysterious environment.

As for the conceptual part of the work and answer of the question “why exactly turtle?” Zurab Bero explains: “They say, before evolution the turtle was exceptionally overland animal. As it has been evolved, it entered water and became an amphibian. My artwork also describes the same: overland turtle is dispatched to water.

The Darwin theory is about humans’ evolution. For me the turtle remains as a symbol of transformation and changes”.

(C) Rusa Kavtaradze

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