Flying Turtle

Interesting, how can be turtle feathered or how can it be able to fly.

Flying turtle was designed exactly in that way and it has very interesting definition as well as concept. Though, in the beginning Zurab Bero had great desire to create aquatic turtle, with its finest appearance and comprehensive surface. He wished to observe clearly how formed amphibian transforms into flying turtle. Accordingly, he had at first sculpt absolutely realistically and only after has feathered it.

Flying turtle means a lot for me, while I can easily say that had showcased my self-portrait for that time period. It was interesting also for its physical structure”. It is well-known that turtle (and escargot) is the slowest and laziest animal. Its eyes are always partially screwed up. And for self- defense it has carapace, which he uses while seeking a shelter.

Perhaps because of such characteristic we can find the turtle in the variety of myths, legends or in different brunches of art[1]

Zurab_Bero_Flying_Turtle_Blog1But for Zurab the turtle has a different symbolic meaning. From his biography is already known, that he began his studies in Tbilisi, where as-yet Soviet impact and momentum might be felt in daily life. In such environment the civilians had to be more careful, keep distance from others to avoid troubles. Also in the educational system reigned the endless lack of information. “After being admitted at the UdK totally different scales and spaces had been opened in front of me.  The turtle can swim hundreds of kilometer in the oceans – I was able to travel at least around the Europe. But the main thing is I have found out for me as an artist absolutely various universe, necessary for my personal and professional development. Self-defense was not required any more. And the carapace had lost its normal function, it was draped with feathers, that associate with lightness. Furthermore, my turtle keeps its eyes widely opened. That slumberous, routine condition of post-Soviet Union gone in the past, while suddenly I opened my eyes and saw so many opportunities. The turtle is awake, it is able to fly, he doesn’t creep any more but is faster and flexible.

I felt this transformation steps in my life and they were reflected in my artwork. So was the concept matured as well. I’ve invested too much positive energy in this work. And I see the result. Besides that, white colour is related to clouds and light”, said Zurab.

This sculpture was created in 2008 and exhibited firstly on the annual university show, on Stinizsee exhibition (2008), in the Hause der Kunst Munich “Tierisch” (2011), in the Art Gallery Wedding “Terra Nova” (2009) and in the Art Gallery Gerken (2011)

[1] Here Zurab recalls the movie “Achilles and the Tortoise” by Takeshi Kitano (2008)

(C) Rusa Kavtaradze

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