Tree of Life on “Dom Gold”

In 2008 because of serious corrosion damages was decided to change the crone of Berliner Dom (Eng. Berlin Cathedral) cupola, which was holding the main cross of the cathedral. The crone was covered with gilded copper sheets. On the basis of circumstance that it was very important part of cathedral, as historically, so religiously and culturally, they decided to use that material for also cultural aims.

The responsible team asked to UdK professors to organize the exhibition, where young artist could be able to present the artworks, designed and created from the mentioned copper sheets.

The UdK professors chose particular students who would be able to take part in the group show. And Zurab Bero was among them, as one of the active and talented artist. The exhibition was named as “Dom Gold” and held in Mai, 2009.

“In consideration of the exhibition’s concrete thematic and its importance for local people, I desired to create the artwork, which would correspond to the Berliner Dom. Along one week I have been observing the cathedral for getting inspiration, I wished to feel and deeply internalize the soul of that monument. And of course, the idea came across itself. I remember that moment very clearly: I was in the steel guild, in the noise when I came up with the idea as well as concept,” told Zurab.Zurab Bero Tree of Life for Blog

The tree was created from rusty metal. From the expensive copper material were formed the leaves of oak. The oak for German symbolizes loyalty, stability, national unity and they consider it as a national tree (germ. Deutsche Eiche). Zurab indicates it as routs of the nation and family tree.

“The theme of Origin took me to the Old Testament, where we can find section about mankind evolution from Adam to Noah and his sons. My attention took the fact that in spite of the children’s number, the family was spread only through one particular son,” mentioned Zurab.

Thoughts about these issues created the concept of the “Tree of life”. On the leaves were written names according to the Old Testament. The leaves around, are forwarded to the tree again. This illustrates the life cycle as well. Furthermore, the old, historical material had got new life as artwork.

The “Tree of Life” was sold during the exhibition. But the leaves without names, in little velvet boxes with concept  also were sold separately aiming to spread this artwork among different people from all over the world.

(C) Rusa Kavtaradze

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