Terra Nova

Terra Nova was a group show, held in the end of 2009 in the Art Gallery Wedding (Galerie Wedding), Berlin. “Terra” means the planet Earth, “Nova” – new. It was a delightful exhibition dedicated to the four elements water, fire, air and earth. Elements that determine our lives and have vital importance for us.

Four artists from three continents were chosen to deal with these elements. Zurab Bero was among them and the Water was determined as his element. Zurab presented three artworks: Flying Turtle and two new reliefs: Black Sea and Caspian See.

Terra Nova” was curated by an artist and curator Pantelis Sabaliotis.Terra_Nova_El.catalogue cover.jpg

“Zurab Bero has been fascinated by the element of Water for a long time, maybe because water – as he says himself – is like another world, where one finds a new art of life. Or because water provides a space for mind games, that otherwise would be not possible: a good example is a question, what kind of development could have taken place without water. Would it perhaps be a different kind of world, where turtles have feathers and do not float through the water but in the air? Bero places us in weightless space, gives us the cornerstone of Dream world, that opens in front of us to provide us the area for our own thoughts and dreams. Dreams, about an ancient myth says that we should entrust them to water, river or a stream. Whether it is a good or bad dream, the water carries the story and with it associated feelings. Maybe to relocate them metaphorically some day at some point… As part of possible evolution, as a utopia.”[i]

[i] Source: the exhibition Catalogue Terra Nova (German).

(C) Rusa Kavtaradze

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