Reliefs: Black Sea & Caspian Sea

Zurab Bero used to work only on sculptures before. But as he has mentioned in his interviews many times, he always tries new materials as well as mediums. So came in 2009 new type in his Art – reliefs created from epoxy resin. The first artpieces were Baltic Sea and Caspian Sea, created almost simultaneously. The whole background of both artworks are covered with mentioned material that gives the feel of deep water. It seems like a real water with glance, depth and mystery, though this is oil material. As a relief on those patterns are designed two different kind of jellyfish – one on each art piece.

The jellyfish are considered as one of the most ancient creatures. Zurab Bero Caspian Sea“That is why I decided to admit them as symbols of old cultures, civilizations. Being away from my home country I used to think about it too much. This was reflected in many works. Also in Relief Series the first two works were Black and Caspian Sea as they surround our region – Caucasus. Jellyfish on oil based water was an Eco problem (if we imagine this as a real action) as well the annihilation of old cultures. I drew the parallels between those two problems, although I did not mean the direct forced liquidation, but the oppression of little nations (Ingush, Chechen, Kabardin, Cherkess, etc.), spread over the  Caucasus region – between two seas.

His Artworks are often stipulated by political, cultural, affairs as well as ecological problems (see Biography). So, in this case he saw the dangerous existence conditions for jellyfish as well. He recalls constant pollution of seas and oceans on our planet by different disasters and oil spills.

“I don’t mean nationalism, but if you take a look trough the history of Caucasian nations, you will sea that most of them now appertain to Russian Federation,” worries Zurab.

(C) Rusa Kavtaradze

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