Reliefs: Mediterranean Sea & Baltic Sea

The second attempt to the Relief Series were also two works – Baltic & Mediterranean Sea. As on the first two works, the jellyfish on these also symbolize civilizations, nations and cultures, but as the names refer, we talk about another parts of the world.

On “Baltic Sea” is designed different type of jellyfish, with three long tentacles that is directed to the wan light, coming from afar. This light could be seen very hardly, like in the end of tunnel but in the depth of dark underwater space. This light and direction of jellyfish is mainstream of this artwork. As Zurab said, Baltic countries Lithuania, Latvia & Estonia after USSR collapse in early 90s took one political and he would say, development course – the Eastern lifestyle and it seems as if they united around one idea; they had one motive power. Perhaps they saw the light in the East.

As for “Mediterranean Sea”, the light motive is the same but nothing else. There is pretty huge territory with 5 jellyfish situated on different level of depth. Observing the artwork, you see that some of them are higher, others deeper. This might be understood as diverse existence of Mediterranean countries in different eras. Indeed, if we look through the history, their financial, cultural and political status have been always changing. The empires have drowned; civilizations have gone …

mediterranean sea_zurab_bero_1

The principal of jellyfish movement is easy: if they move, they go up. If they stop, they sink.  The up and down situated jellyfish are allegorical interpretation of countries’ action.

(C) Rusa Kavtaradze

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