Reliefs: Alien

The relief “Alien” belongs to the same “cultural” art series. But it refers to different, more social distinctions between nations, people. In spite of jellyfish and that ambiguous creature live in one space, in water, we know jellyfish much better.  And there are still many unidentified creatures in the underwater world.

“When I came to Germany I noticed one thing: the strangeness more frightens people Zurab Bero_Alien.jpg
then arises interest. Perhaps this comes from self-defense instinct. When I got in particular, for me unknown communities I was feeling that they were looking at me like I was alien”, said Zurab Bero

This artwork always frightens people. Though it may arise different questions. It gives to observers the opportunity to explore, ask questions: “is it fantasy animal or does it have different meaning?”, etc.

As Zurab recalled, to model an “Alien” was very spontaneous decision. The thematic searching process gives good opportunities for experiments.

(C) Rusa Kavtaradze

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