Reliefs: “Escape” & “Different Vision”

The thematic top of relief series were two more art works: “Escape” and “Different Vision”. They both were outcome of hard and intensive work as on the concept, so on the material.

Escape” is a room installation relief. It shows huge amount of small fish taken in an evil net and some of them, bursting this barrier, and floating on walls of freedom.

Though these schooling fish are able to get shape of huge animal for protecting reasons, they might be caught very easy with only one fishing net. It seems like a paradox of life.

The “Different Vision” (initial working name was “Window”) is a painting, created with the same material – epoxy resin.

“These two works are two tiles of one idea: the (political) system creates some kind of cage, barrier, and system puts the people into this framework. For a while, they stay into this frame, but when they are bothered with it, or just getting stronger, they realize that they do not want to live in this existence, they discharge it. On the other hand, when system breaks up, for example through revolutions, the chaos appears. And from this chaos we create new public order, new system, new rules. Even small complex of rules is already new cell, jail. And only the time frame between two systems or let’s say, cells i.e. chaos is real freedom.” tells Zurab.


“Escape” and “Different Vision” are presenting exactly this process. The fish are bursting the fishing net, are free on the walls but in the end they meet new trouble.

“I call it “Window”. But on the exhibition, when I asked people, what do they see on it, the answers were different: “cell”/“jail” or “window”. Sequentially, I could divide people in two categories: pessimists and optimists. The vision depends on the mood. For me, it is window. Window can be opened, it might be way to go out. As for jail, you are not independent, you can not decide when to leave.

But in the perception of ourselves and our lives we are always free. Here could be highlighted two main condition of humans psychology: you see the system, as it always exists, and you can find the exit and entrance; or you think that nothing depends on you, decision maker is somebody else. Personally, I think that in spite of all difficulties, the human being is able to get the key of this cell or window and lead his/her life interdependently. Matter-of-course we all have to play some roles to keep freedom out of this system, but all jail or window has its key.

Humans are able to create their own mood, their own cell or window. We decide how to live. But  particular category of people always tries to obey others, to put them into their own system ”, minds Zurab Bero.

(C) Rusa Kavtaradze


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