Terra Nova

Terra Nova was a group show, held in the end of 2009 in the Art Gallery Wedding (Galerie Wedding), Berlin. “Terra” means the planet Earth, “Nova” – new. It was a delightful exhibition dedicated to the four elements water, fire, air and earth. Elements that determine our lives and have vital importance for us.

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Tree of Life on “Dom Gold”

In 2008 because of serious corrosion damages was decided to change the crone of Berliner Dom (Eng. Berlin Cathedral) cupola, which was holding the main cross of the cathedral. The crone was covered with gilded copper sheets. On the basis of circumstance that it was very important part of cathedral, as historically, so religiously and culturally, they decided to use that material for also cultural aims.

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“Evolution” on the 1st Solo Show

Solo Show dedicated to the Film Premiere

For December, 2008 was planed the film premiere of “Charles Darwin – The Devil’s Chaplain?” (Orig. “Charles Darwin: Kaplan des Teufels?”) by documentarist Eike Schmitz, in the former Danish Embassy, Berlin. The director has organized the whole event himself, which was broadcast live. He wished one young artist to expose artwork thematically related to Darwin.

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