Reliefs: “Escape” & “Different Vision”

The thematic top of relief series were two more art works: “Escape” and “Different Vision”. They both were outcome of hard and intensive work as on the concept, so on the material.

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Reliefs: Alien

The relief “Alien” belongs to the same “cultural” art series. But it refers to different, more social distinctions between nations, people. In spite of jellyfish and that ambiguous creature live in one space, in water, we know jellyfish much better.  And there are still many unidentified creatures in the underwater world.

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Reliefs: Mediterranean Sea & Baltic Sea

The second attempt to the Relief Series were also two works – Baltic & Mediterranean Sea. As on the first two works, the jellyfish on these also symbolize civilizations, nations and cultures, but as the names refer, we talk about another parts of the world.

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Reliefs: Black Sea & Caspian Sea

Zurab Bero used to work only on sculptures before. But as he has mentioned in his interviews many times, he always tries new materials as well as mediums. So came in 2009 new type in his Art – reliefs created from epoxy resin. The first artpieces were Baltic Sea and Caspian Sea, created almost simultaneously. The whole background of both artworks are covered with mentioned material that gives the feel of deep water. It seems like a real water with glance, depth and mystery, though this is oil material. As a relief on those patterns are designed two different kind of jellyfish – one on each art piece.

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Tree of Life on “Dom Gold”

In 2008 because of serious corrosion damages was decided to change the crone of Berliner Dom (Eng. Berlin Cathedral) cupola, which was holding the main cross of the cathedral. The crone was covered with gilded copper sheets. On the basis of circumstance that it was very important part of cathedral, as historically, so religiously and culturally, they decided to use that material for also cultural aims.

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Birth of the Wine

Zurab Bero’s first exhibition in Germany was held in 2008. It was the Group show at

Photo by Giorgi Zautashvili

Berlin University of the Arts (UdK). It was a particular event for him as he has presented his first installation artwork – “Birth of the Wine”.

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